Saturday, July 26, 2014


For those of you who are coming from my other blog, A Kitchen Table for Two, welcome! For those who are not, welcome to you also! =) I'm starting a new blog in hopes of making my direction and focus (or lack there of) a bit more clear.  I started my previous blog as a place to list recipes, which grew into DIY, which grew into personal topics, which grew into travel... And then our family started to grow! We no longer have a kitchen table for just two - we are nearly three (only 5 weeks left!), with a dog and a full full life that can't really be nailed down into a specific type of blog.  Enter this site...

I intend to chronicle anything I want to right here.  I'll write about everything from DIY to motherhood, from pet-peeves to recipes and restaurant reviews, from travel to finances.  Basically I get to do what I want and not feel bad about it.  I like that.  Join in if you want, or don't, it's up to you.  If you choose to stick around I promise that you will see the following things

  • Parentheses  - If you don't like them (who doesn't?!), you should head out now.
  • Words that aren't really words - Ohmygosh, they are so perfect for certain situations.
  • My warped sense of humor - It's best not to hide the crazy, just embrace it.
  • My opinions - I think this goes without saying?  I welcome dialogue as long as we are all kind.
  • Mostly proper grammar and spelling - Oxford commas will be a thing here. I'm just saying.
  • Posts with pictures  - They're so much more fun to read, aren't they?
  • Posts without pictures - They're easier to write and I am going to be a new mom. Deal with it.
  • Posts about whatevertheheck I want.  Including but not limited to everything mentioned above (food, travel, mommmyhood, DIY, people who pick their nose, etc.).
What you will NOT see here:
  • Any advertisements for my business, should I ever choose to have one.  This is a place for friends, and it irks me when people try to sell you stuff (See?  Here come my opinions and parentheses!)
  • Graphic or inappropriate content. Unless my ranting about a visit to the DMV qualifies as graphic or inappropriate... There's a chance.
  • A cute website, at least for now. I'm working on it behind the scenes, but it's low on the priority list.  Somewhere between running a new 20amp electrical line to my microwave and painting my toes again before I give birth.  So, be patient. Suggestions (or offers of your free web-design services) are welcome. 
I hope that I've given you realistic expectations.  I would love to update here daily.  Is that likely?  Maybe not (new motherhood is hard, at least that's what I hear), but since I can post whatever I want, it does make me more likely not to feel overwhelmed by posting (a problem with my previous blog). 

This is our real life, and you can watch it happen in all its craziness and glory right here. We live on a large plot of land in the middle of a densely populated college town, hence the name: An Urban Acre.  All of our adventures living here will be right on this little blog. If you're choosing to stick around, then great, click "follow" or "join this site" off on the right sidebar and I'll see you soon! 

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